Belly button play stories

I'm figured out to provide some life to this sub, this fetish is reasonably rare and also it's difficult to discover various other like-minded people.

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So, does anyone have actually any kind of fun navel experiences they'd like to share? I always love hearing stories around belly button play!


Well I sure do! This one is just one of my more recent ones, but anymethods I supplied to be in the high school band, I played the sousaphone and I was being flirtatious via a girl in the front of the band. She was in the drumline and played crashes so via the setup of the band we didnt gain to watch eachvarious other as regularly as we had actually favored yet anymethods, quick forward to Band Day. Band day was an event that the says university held every year at a university football game where all the high school bands in the state obtained to come dvery own onto the feild and also perdevelop via the colleges band also. So my little band also gained tright here initially and that day it was approximately 100 degrees (farenheit) so we did alot of walking and marching and also periodically simply standing roughly in 100 level heat in thick mainly babsence uniforms, as you can imagine, everybody was gaining incredibly sweaty. So we did around 3 hrs of rehearsal, had actually about 2 hrs for lunch, then the 5 hours of the actual football game and after that we lastly went on house. The girl from the drumline, yet, wanted to hang out a little, so naturally, her being cute and also wanting to spend time through me I agreed to it in an prompt. We went on back to my area and also we simply turned on some video games and also talked, it was basic, yet nice.

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She, yet, began acquiring a little warm, so she tied her shirt up turning ot into a makeshift chop top revealing her perfect creamy white belly, and also via it her crowning jewel... her deep innie belly button! So of course I couldnt aid but stare however not wanting to acquire captured I required myself to snap out of it. After that I came up with a arrangement. I was doing albest in our video game yet I determined I'd take it dvery own a notch and also purposecompletely mess up, making it to where she would certainly begin winning over and also over, I faked my disappointment until I "had actually enough" after one more win from her I determined I'd "acquire my revenge" by having actually a tickle fight, so I tickled her in the normal locations till I lastly made it to her glorious belly switch. After swirling my finger about it gaining tiny giggles from her I unexpectedly plunged my finger inside her navel and also wiggled it around causing her to laugh hysterically. Her belly switch was a tiny heaven, the entirety of her sexy belly button was damp through sweat and also I could feel a tiny lint in there as well So I wiggled my finger around consistently until I assumed she'd had actually sufficient. I progressively pulled my finger out of her navel, and as a result of its depth however tiny diameter, as my finger pulled past the glorious opening of her navel, it made the smallest suction pop ever before. After that I made an excuse to go right into the other room and also smell my finger, it was the most absolutely phenominal solid pungent belly switch odor ever! I, having actually my belly switch fetish start because of the smell of a navel, was in ecstacy, yet sadly, soon after that she had to go residence, however by goodness did I have actually great fuel for later that night!