I"m brand-new to python and also am obtaining an error with the map function that does not make feeling to me. When I call the feature through a list as the second parameter it retransforms the error "TypeError: Argument 2 should assistance iteration" which confoffers me bereason a list should assistance iteration.

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import numpy as npprint(np.array(map(int, raw_input().split().reverse()), float))The code is intended to take in a list, and print out a numpy that is the reverse of the list. Any help as to why the second paramter isn"t iteratable would be appreciated. Thanks!


list.reverse() feature reverses the list in-area and retransforms None. If you desire to compose this as one line you may write reversed(raw_input().split()) rather.


.reverse() does the reverse in-place and returns None.

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Get rid of the .reverse() and also call reversed() rather favor so, which have to resolve your issue:

import numpy as npprint(np.array(map(int, reversed(raw_input().split())), float))


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