Ap Latin Online Course

Learn to check out and also analyze Latin literature as you explore primitive Romale history and also culture. You’ll interpret passages from the works of Vergil and also Caesar and also examine them with class discussions, disputes, and also presentations.

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Reading and also understanding Latin poeattempt and prose

Translating Latin texts into English

Relating Latin messages to the history, culture, and also literary activities of prehistoric Rome

Examining linguistic and literary features of Latin messages

Developing an argument that analyzes Latin poetry and/or prose

An upper-intermediate level (frequently fourth- or fifth-semester) college or university Latin course

Tbelow are no prerequisites, but students are frequently in their fourth year of high-school-level research.

About the Units

The course content outlined listed below is organized into generally taught units of study that carry out one feasible sequence for the course. Your teacher might select to organize the course content differently based upon local priorities and also choices.

Unit 1: Vergil, Aeneid, Publication 1

You’ll review passperiods of the Aeneid that introduce Vergil’s portrayal of management and also the role of the gods and various other peoples in the trials of the Trojans.

You’ll focus on:

Reviewing and structure your Latin vocabularyReviewing and also solidifying your understanding of syntaxReviewing and also practicing the terminology provided to identify grammatical develops and also syntactic structureBeginning to discover contextualization, analytical, and argumentative skills

Unit 2: Caesar, Gallic War, Books 1 and 6

You’ll review passeras of the Gallic War that present Caesar’s subtle portrayal of non-Romans in comparison to his native representation of Romale worths.

You’ll emphasis on:

Continuing to build on your Latin vocabularyExplaining the meaning of Latin words and phrases in contextUnderstanding Latin morphology as soon as translating Latin texts into EnglishArticulating a defensible claim or thesis

Unit 3: Vergil, Aeneid, Publication 2

You’ll go back to Vergil through Aeneas’s account of the fall of Troy and also check out the author’s portrayal of the seen and also unwatched pressures in the characters’ stays and also deaths.

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You’ll focus on:

Using the correct terms to recognize grammatical creates and syntactic structuresScanning dactylic hexameter in Latin poetryReading and comprehending sight passperiods in poetryArticulating and also supporting an dispute using relevant evidence from Latin messages and also readings in English

Unit 4 : Caesar, Gallic War, Book 4

You’ll review about the Romans’ initially intrusion of Britain as you check out themes of leadership and also of war and also empire in the readings.

You’ll emphasis on:

Identifying linguistic and also artistic features in Latin proseIdentifying stylistic functions in Latin proseUnderstanding distinctions between Latin and also English usageReading and comprehending sight passages in proseUsing specific, particular, and also relevant referrals to the Latin messages to assistance an articulated argument

Unit 5: Vergil, Aeneid, Publication 4

You’ll return to Vergil and the love affair of Queen Dicarry out and Aeneas as you explore the views of non-Romans shown in the readings and just how those views illustrate Roguy worths.

You’ll emphasis on:

Identifying etymological and also artistic features in Latin poetryIdentifying stylistic functions in Latin poetryExamining the impacts of language intake and also stylistic attributes in Latin textsUsing specific, particular, and pertinent references to the Latin to support an articulated argument

Unit 6: Caesar, Gallic War, Book 5, Part I

You’ll research the initially half of the readings from Publication 5 as you check out the themes of history and also memory as portrayed in Caesar’s literary genre and also style.

You’ll emphasis on:

Analyzing the effects of language usage and stylistic functions in the textsUsing thinking to attract conclusions and also make inferences based on textual featuresUsing contextual knowledge and also referrals to assistance your evaluation in an essay

Unit 7: Caesar, Gallic War, Publication 5, Part II, Publication 6, and also Publication 7

You’ll continue with the second fifty percent of the analysis from Book 5 of Caesar’s Gallic War and explore the design template of management in battle.

You’ll focus on:

Identifying recommendations to Roman culture, background, and mythology in Latin textsExamining Latin texts based upon understanding of products, techniques, and perspectives of Roguy culture

Unit 8: Vergil, Aeneid, Books 6, 8, and also 12

You’ll go back to Vergil and check out the themes of literary genre and style and of people and the gods in the readings.

You’ll focus on:

Identifying referrals to Romale culture, history, and mythology in Latin textsExamining Latin messages based on knowledge of assets, techniques, and also perspectives of Romale culture

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