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PLEASE NOTE: as we are an digital provider we carry out not offer the AP exam, we only prepare students for it. The student"s school generally organizes the AP test and maneras the bureaucratic aspects of it. Please call your school for even more indevelopment about it.

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Throughout the AP course, students are supervised by a teacher who corrects their occupational. Students have the right to contact the teacher for any type of doubt or question regarding the course and also their study.

All sessions are digital and asynchronous apart a fixed-schedule audio/video team course eexceptionally various other week (students can pick their wanted schedule: either Fridays at 8 pm EST or Saturdays at 11 am EST.)

This is an extensive course requiring students to exercise on a regular basis from 10 to 16 hrs per week.

Requirements: mastery of beginner and low intermediate language frameworks.

Description - Teachers - Assessment and Certifications - Technical Requirements and also FAQ - Fees and Registration

Key Facts

No. of on-line asynchronous, self-paced sessions: 32 (16 per semester*) No. of on-line asynchronous, self-administered lessons (through exercises and also exams): 32 (16 per semester) No. of on-line asynchronous, self-administered audio lessons and also recordings: 12 (6 per semester) No. of assignments: 16 (8 per semester) No. of fixed-schedule, audio/video group classes carried out live by the teacher: 16 (8 per semester) Mid-term test: 2 (one per semester) Final exam: 2 (one per semester) Optional: Participation in the fairtradeexpo.org student group on FB. Optional: Penpal email exadjust through an Italian high-institution student (or representant of a class) of a Liceo Classico o Scientifico in Italy. Optional: Participation in Italian cultural events organized by Italian associations, Istituti di Cultura, MeetUp groups, and so on Requirements: mastery of beginner and also low intermediate language frameworks.

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See sample of session 1: AP Course - Session 1

Assignments: students write-up assignments in the Class Forum. The teacher write-ups correctionsand also feedago in the Class Forum and in the student"s Progress Report (obtainable digital 24/7).

Audio-lessons: students complete self-administered audio lessons with a Pronunciation Guide and also Voice Recorder. Students upfill their recording for the teacher for testimonial and grading. Students are forced to have a headset/microphone combicountry for the audio lessons.

Fixed-schedule Audio/Video Group Classes: eincredibly other week students are forced to take part in the fixed-schedule audio/video group course (students have the right to select their wanted schedule: either Fridays at 8 pm EST or Saturdays at 11 am EST.)

Image of Pronunciation Guide and Voice Recorder

Students have the right to watch their grades and also personalized feedback anytime in the Progress Report (available online 24/7).


Sample of Progress Report(depending upon the course you take the format of the report might differ slightly)


Testimonial: "Thank you for your timely response. I understand and will certainly carry out as you suggest. I am having actually fun through the lessons! David" see more testimonials

Assessment and also Certifications

Having a selection of educational products and also activities, students are graded in various areas of study:

Self-Administered Exercise in the Lessons - 10% weight - based on the portion of correct answers Self-Administered Exams in the Lessons - 15% weight - based on the portion of correct answers Audio Lessons - 15% weight - for participation, effort to sheight and quality of communication (arranged, clear, fluent) Assignments - 15% weight based upon create and also number of mistakes, grammar, accuracy, and also overall sophistication in language and expression (40% of the grade), effort and also top quality of homework-related, thesis, examples, original ideas (40% of the grade), organization, style, expression (20% of the grade) Participation in Audio Video Group Lessons - 15% weight - for participation, initiative to stop and also high quality of interaction (arranged, clear, fluent) Mid-term Test - 10% weight - based on the percent of correct answers Final Exam - 20% weight - based upon the portion of correct answers

In the Self-administered Exercises contained in the lessons, students obtain an automatic score based upon the portion of correct answers. For educational functions, these self-administered exercises can be taken several times (in this case, each time the student will certainly have to re-enter the whole text in the exercise); the latest score of each exercise will certainly be videotaped over the previous one.

In the Self-administered Exams had in the lessons, students obtain an automatic score based upon the percentage of correct answers; just the score of the initially time you take the exam will be recorded.

Grades are given in numbers with the following values:

97 - 100 Excellent, achievement surpasses the standard needs of the course. Superior.
93 - 96 Excellent.
90 - 92 Very good. Ala lot of Excellent.

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87 - 89 Good, student fulfills all demands. Better than Above Average, but not fairly A- occupational.
83 - 86 Above Average.
80 - 82 Typical Almost Above Average.
77 - 79 Slightly Better than Mean.
73 - 76 Average.
70 - 72 Slightly Lower than Mean.
67 - 69 Below Average, but making development.
63 - 66 Below Typical student ideologies the standard needs for the course.
60 - 62 Almost failing.
Below Failing.

The Final Report (XLS format) via ALL scores, last average grade and also feedago from the teacher is issued at the end of the semester.

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