Ap Chinese Online Course

Develop your Mandarin Chinese language abilities and learn about Chinese society. You’ll exercise communicating in Chinese and you’ll communicate with real-life materials such as newspaper short articles, films, music, and publications.

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Understanding Chinese once you hear it and also read it

Holding conversations in real-life situations

Writing stories, letters, emails, esstates, and other texts

A fourth-semester (or the equivalent) intermediate-level college course in Mandarin Chinese language

Tright here are no prerequisites, however students are generally in their fourth year of high-school-level study. In the situation of indigenous or heritage speakers, tbelow may be a different pathmethod of study leading to this course.

About the Units

The course content outlined below is arranged right into generally taught systems of research that administer one possible sequence for the course. Your teacher might choose to organize the course content differently based on neighborhood priorities and choices.

Unit 1: Families in Different Societies

You’ll learn Chinese language skills in the conmessage of examining family life and also values in Chinese-speaking neighborhoods and explore contemporary ideas and challenges that households face.

While engaging in activities regarded these topics, you’ll exercise abilities such as:

Understanding audio recordings (for instance, a transport announcement)Reading posters, public indications, and also other textsTaking component in discussionsWriting emails and also notesNarrating stories based on a sequence of picturesCreating a brief composed and oral presentation

Unit 2: The Influence of Language and also Culture on Identity

You’ll build your vocabulary and learn around exactly how language and also culture form and reflect evolving ideas around identity in Chinese-speaking neighborhoods.

While engaging in activities concerned these topics, you’ll practice skills such as:

Understanding audio recordings (for example, a radio report)Reading journalistic write-ups and various other textsWriting and responding to emailsHolding conversations, consisting of starting and finishing them appropriatelyNarrating stories based on a sequence of picturesGiving a brief dental presentation to explain concepts and also opinions

Unit 3: Influences of Beauty and Art

You’ll explore exactly how concepts of beauty and also art affect and reflect culture in Chinese-speaking neighborhoods.

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While engaging in tasks related to these topics, you’ll practice abilities such as:

Understanding audio recordings (for instance, a institution conversation)Reading emails, notes, and also various other textsEngaging in conversations and narratives based on picturesUnderstanding what a speaker or writer means and responding in a culturally proper mannerExaltering indevelopment, ideas, and also opinions in discussions and also composed exchangesIdentifying, comparing, and explaining exactly how functions of cultures in Chinese-speaking areas relate to principles around beauty and also aesthetics

Unit 4: How Science and also Technology Affect Our Lives

You’ll study just how breakthroughs in science and technology impact and form everyday life in Chinese-speaking neighborhoods. You’ll usage your flourishing language abilities to help you interpret unfamiliar words and review and write even more facility messages.

While engaging in tasks pertained to these topics, you’ll practice skills such as:

Understanding audio recordings (for instance, a voice message)Reading pen pal letters and also other textsExtransforming information in conversations and also written exchangesWriting emails, letters, and narratives utilizing either streamlined or standard characters and via correct formalityCreating written presentations via an arrival, advancement of topic, and also conclusion

Unit 5: Factors That Impact the Quality of Life

You’ll learn even more about contemporary life in Chinese-speaking communities and also just how social status, social perspectives, and also accessibility to work and also resources can make an affect on the top quality of life.

While engaging in activities related to these topics, you’ll practice abilities such as:

Understanding audio recordings (for example, responses and replies to a statement or question)Reading brief stories and various other textsApplying what you’ve learned from working with real-life Chinese-language products as you prepare for speaking and also writing tasksWriting an e-mail response utilizing either simplified or conventional characters and with appropriate formality and formatUsing strategies in conversation such as paraphrasing and also asking for clarificationDiscussing various social perspectives and also using social indevelopment to prepare and also deliver an organized social presentation

Unit 6: Environpsychological, Political, and Societal Challenges

You’ll discover how complex worldwide problems impact people’s resides in Chinese-speaking communities and interact in deeper discussions to imply feasible services.

While engaging in tasks concerned these topics, you’ll practice skills such as:

Understanding audio recordings (for instance, an advertisement)Reading brochures, advertisements, and also various other textsCarrying out conversations and interviewsGetting indevelopment from resources to prepare and also deliver an arranged cultural presentationGiving and also explaining your viewallude with supporting details and elaborationWriting an email response providing suggestions via justificationsNarrating stories based upon a sequence of pictures

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