Ap Chinese Course Online

Availability: Secondary college students who are preparing for Chinese AP exam for university applications or that wish to undertake Chinese studies in a better level.

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Past exams are sorted by topics to boost continual practice-exam drilling and also to solidify the application of products in an exam context.


Brush up on vocabulary and also grammar in both conversational and also formal tones, and practice them in multiple contexts.


First-hand suffer on test-taking strategy and also problem-resolving methodology.


Mock exam exercise to examine progress anytime.

Hanbridge Mandarin’s AP course in Mandarin Chinese emphasizes communication abilities in real-life situations. This contains vocabulary and also daily language usage, methods for enhancing communication via indigenous Mandarin speakers, and tasks to build cross-cultural awareness and also sensitivity, such as expertise general social etiquette and also specifics for dinner decorum. Our course corresponds to the four-component totality language finding out strategy that is standard in college/university Chinese.

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One-on-one dental interaction

Examicountry and also actual exercise from basic to high level

Comprehensive topical coverage

Practice listening anytime, anywhere


One-on-one professional guidance

Practical reading skills

Rich analysis products on Chinese culture, societal relationships and also culture

Practice analysis anytime, anywhere


One-on-one customized creating guidance

Practicing typical sentence structures

Practical writing skills

Test analysis


Face-to-challenge conversation practice

Practice conventional Mandarin pronunciation

Practice communication skills through course discussion

Research and prepare dental presentations

Starting Your AP Chinese course via Hanbridge Mandarin is as Easy as 1-2-3!

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Our Advantages

Professional native Chinese teachers

Live, digital face-to-challenge lessons with our acattributed language teachers, indigenous Mandarin speakers. Each has actually earned a bachelor"s or master"s degree in language and speaks at leastern one other language such as English, French, Japanese, and so on.

Hanbridge Mandarin virtual classroom makes use of the latest in modern technology to assistance better student interactivity, discovering and also performance. Our interenergetic video and also audio, e-whiteboard and shareable desktop computer technology makes taking classes throughout the people feel choose across the table. The digital classroom is steady, secure and reliable.

Learn Chinese everywhere, anytime. Take your course anytime and all over that suits you. Classes can be scheduled with simply 24 hours’ notice and also can be readjusted or cancelled in as bit as 2 hrs breakthrough notification.

Customized Learning

We administer a thorough review of your Chinese language level complied with up by an introduction for research. Then, based upon your discovering purposes, Hanbridge Mandarin tradition builds your Mandarin course.

Abundant curriculum

Hanbridge Mandarin covers all areas of Chinese language, and we are equipped to teach you any type of content you need. We understand also that students have their own specific discovering styles and also we craft individualized courses just for you.

Exam Information

AP exams are administered at designated test centers and consist of two parts, multiple choice and free-response. The exam takes roughly 2 hrs and 15 minutes, and also the final score is reported on a 5-suggest range as follows: