Aerodynamics Online Course

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Dr. Ashok Gopalarathnam

Mechanical and Aeroroom Engineering

MAE 589 604 Applied Aerodynamics

3 Crmodify Hours

This recently-arisen course titled Applied Aerodynamics is offered both as an undergraduate special-topics elective (MAE 495) and a graduate special-topics course (MAE 589). The course will discuss the result of aerodynamics on relevant aerospace and also non-aeroroom applications. The primary emphasis of the course will certainly be the prediction of aerodynamic forces and moments on vehicles and also devices, and also a discussion of just how these pressures impact the develop and also function of the miscellaneous applications wright here aerodynamic plays a vital duty. Applications will certainly include aircraft and non-aeronautical applications choose race cars, wind-power gadgets, propellers, and rotorcraft, and some applications from nature like development flight, flapping wings, and so on An vital feature of the course will be the usage of easy performance and also system simulations to clearly understand the results of the aerodynamics on the device behavior. For this, the equations of movement of the mechanism will be simulated making use of the ODE suite easily accessible in the Matlab through functions that include aerodynamic pressures acting on the automobile. The course will certainly be suitable for both AE and also ME students. MAE 589 students will certainly be assigned extra assignments and/or problems beyond those assigned to MAE 495 students.

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Introductory course in aerodynamics or liquid mechanics (MAE 252 or MAE 308 or equivalent).

Course Topics

Review to aerodynamics and prediction of lift, drag, and also moments.

Introduction to simulation of device dynamics using numerical integration of simple differential equations utilizing Matlab.

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Effect of aerodynamics on device performance utilizing examples such as projectile motion, aircraft flight, race-car performance, sailwatercrafts, and also wind wind turbines.

Simulation of device dynamics consisting of aerodynamic effects utilizing examples such air and also ground vehicles.

Course Requirements

HOMEWORKS (5 to 7, consisting of programming difficulties utilizing Matlab)

EXAMS (1 mid-term and also 1 final exam)

PROJECTS (1 final project utilizing simulations with Matlab)


Reference publications (none required):

Jan Roskam, Methods for Estimating Drag Polars of Subsonic Airplanes, Published by the Author, 1973Hoerner, Fluid Dynamic Drag, Publiburned by the author, 1993Hoerner and Boerst, Fluid-Dynamic Lift, Published by the author, 1992Anderson, J. D., Fundamentals of Aerodynamics, any type of edition, McGraw HillPamadi, B., Performance, Stcapability, Dyanmics, and also Control of Airplanes. second edition, AIAA, 2004Stinton, D., The Design of the Airplane, 2nd edition, AIAA, 2001Katz, J., Race Car Aerodynamics, Bentley Publishers, 2003Milliken and Milliken, Race Car Vehicle Dynamics, SAE, 1995

Computer and also Software Requrements

Please testimonial minimum computer system specifications recommended by NC State University and also Engineering Online.