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Pathophysiology for NPs & Cutting edge Practice Clinicians

An Advanced Pathophysiology Course for NPs & Advanced Practice Clinicians

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Run Time: 27.77 Publisher:Fitzgerald Health Education Associates Contact Hours: 37.70 Rx Contact Hours: 6.40 Edition: 2Passing had virtual posttest(s) is forced to earn contact hours, if applicable.
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Description Advantages of the approach include:Presented by highly acasserted clinician-educators Dr. Margaret A. Fitzgerald and Dr. Sally K. Miller, who presently keep clinical practice and therefore lug useful clinical insights to the course, in enhancement to their field of expertise in pathophysiology.This regimen is updated as essential to reflect current exercise.Test questions are produced using the Fitzgerald approach and also designed to aid you understand the product and discover areas that call for further research.Modern Pathology Course Topics

Module 1. Cellular Pathophysiology

Cell framework and also functionMechanisms of cellular transportMembrane and also activity potentials

Module 2. Mechanisms of Cell Trauma

Reversible injuryIrreversible injuryHypoxiaPhysical traumaInfectious traumaChemical trauma

Module 3. Cellular Response to Injury


Module 4. Pathophysiology of the Hematologic System

HematopoiesisMicrocytic anemiasMacrocytic anemiasHemoglobinopathiesSelected DiseasesMain hemostasisSecondary hemostasis

Module 5. Pathophysiology of the Nervous System

Synaptic transmissionNeurotransmitterPost-synaptic processesSchosen disorders

Module 6. Pathophysiology of the Cardiovascular System

Cardiac activity potentialContractile tissueNon-contractile tissueCardiac conductionContractile fibers and the sarcomereElectromechanical couplingCardiac muscle tasksSelected disordersLipid synthesis and transportSchosen dyslipidemias

Module 7. Pathophysiology of Endocrine Disease

Types of hormonesHormone receptorsFeedearlier mechanisms of secretionMaintenance of plasma glucose concentrationMaintenance of thyroid hormone concentrationMaintenance of adrenal cortex/medullary hormone concentrationSelected disorders

Module 8. Pathophysiology of Pulmonary Disease

Anatomy and physiology of airwaysVascular and also lymphatic anatomyAutonomic nervous mechanism regulationCompliance and recoilAircirculation and resistanceVentilation and also perfusionSchosen obstructive and restrictive diseases

Module 9. Pathophysiology of Renal Disease

Anatomy and also physiology of the nephronRegulation of blood push, calcium, and erythropoietinRegulation of renal function; tubuglomerular feedbackCortical and medullary flowAcute renal failureChronic kidney diseaseElectrolyte imbalanceRegulation of acid/base balance

Module 10. Pathophysiology of Digestive System Disease

Anatomy and also musculature of the gastrointestinal tractNeural regulate systemsChemical manage systemsMyogenic manage systemsOropharyngeal/esophageal motilityGastric motility and also controlGastric acid secretionSelected disease states

Module 11. Pathophysiology in Reproduction

Factors influencing impaired female fertilityFactors influencing impaired male infertilityPathophysiologic difficulties encountered in pregnancy: Represent pregnancy loss, pregnancy induced hyperstress, placental disorders, others

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