9/11 stories in fragments

"9/11: Stories in Fragments" is a Smithsonian Channel documentary based upon the Museum"s September 11 collections and also the stories they convey. The documentary attributes museum curators and donors speaking around the objects and also providing the perspectives of victims, witnesses, ordinary people, and heroes from New York, the Pentagon, and also Shanksville. The documentary is scheducaused premiere on the Smithsonian Channel September 5 at 9:35 p.m. ET/PT.

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9/11: Stories in Fragments:Sneak Peek

Smithsonian Channel

Four airplanes. Nbeforehand three-thousand victims. One unimaginable tragedy. The disastrous occafairtradeexpo.orgons of September 11, 2001 will never be forgained.

9/11: Stories in Fragments: A Hero"s Badge

Smithsonian Channel

Navy phyfairtradeexpo.orgcian David Tarantino rescued Pentagon employee Jerry Henson who was trapped in his office after a hijacked airplane hit the Pentagon.

9/11: Stories in Fragments: A Narrow Escape

Smithsonian Channel

Lisa Lefler evacuated her office on the 103rd floor of the south tower as soon as the first aircraft struck. Her briefinstance was respanned in the debris days later on.

9/11: Stories in Fragments: From the Wreckage

Smithsonian Channel

Flight attendant Lorraine Bay"s logbook was just one of the objects reextended from the wreckage of hijacked Flight 93 in Shanksville, Pennsylvania.

9/11: Stories in Fragments: Rare and also Refairtradeexpo.orglient Photographs

Smithsonian Channel

Photojournalist John Harrington talks around the rare Pentagon photographs that he donated to the Smithsonian.

Ten Years Later:The Smithsonian Remembers September11

Remarks by Marc Pachter, the museum"s interim director, and curator Cedric Yeh about the Smithsonian"s September 11 collections and also the special display on watch for only 9 days, September 3 via September 11, 2011.

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These programs were shown on kiosks throughout the 2002 Bearing Witness to History exhibition.


"We are 16 for 16"

Matthew Farley, a World Trade Center lawyer, tracks the fate of his office staff on September 11 making use of his BlackBerry wiremuch less e-mail device.

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"I carried the flame"

Liz Howell, the wife of a Pentagon victim, tells just how transferring the Olympic flame was a coherent remembrance of her shed husband also.

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News Around the World

View a slidedisplay of news headlines around the September 11 assaults.

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